何と無く生活している中でも、新しい発見が有る。 日本に有る美しい四季の移り変わり.... 海外で発見した新鮮な出来事や、体験した事。 何気無い出来事だけど、自分の思い出として残して行く。

Summer sunset.

*It was very hot summer this year.
The end of July was the hottest in Japan in an average year, but was much hotter this year during August.

*The Japanese best temperature was 40.9 degrees Celsius this summer.
The best temperature became 38.6 degrees Celsius in the place where I lived in.

*It is September from today and approaches the end in the summer little by little.
It is the slightly cool time and will change from now on in autumn in a Japanese season.

*I live at the side of the anchorage that is near to the sea.
I watched a beautiful sunset the other day.

070901-sunset 01
The sun sets in the blue sky.

070901-sunset 02
This is the zoom photograph of the my digital camera.

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