何と無く生活している中でも、新しい発見が有る。 日本に有る美しい四季の移り変わり.... 海外で発見した新鮮な出来事や、体験した事。 何気無い出来事だけど、自分の思い出として残して行く。


*An overseas trouble example. I support some foreign countries.
However, as for me, communication with an overseas factory is difficult because I am in Japan.

*For example, an email arrived if a machine of an overseas factory was out of condition.
It is difficult to grasp the situation of a machine out of condition from the email which reached me.
Mutual communication is necessary to grasp the situation of a machine in foreign countries.

*I want to know the situation that a photograph and a problem of an opportunity occurred to confirm the state that a machine is out of condition in detail.
But it is rare that the details of a problem come from an overseas group.

*I translate it from Japanese into the English language here and communicate with foreign countries.
 ---> The link which I use for translation.

The Pacific which I photographed three years ago.

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