何と無く生活している中でも、新しい発見が有る。 日本に有る美しい四季の移り変わり.... 海外で発見した新鮮な出来事や、体験した事。 何気無い出来事だけど、自分の思い出として残して行く。

An email to the friend who is in Thailand.

■I have the friend who met abroad.
I who was an English weak point used a translation site and sent an email.

■Thank you for an email from you.

Did you resign from MNT?
I do not know your circumstances.

However, I think that probably you will have the wonderful future.

I am weak in English.
Therefore I convert Japanese into English with translation of Yahoo of  Internet.

It is winter soon now in a Japanese season.
Indoor temperature is 16 degrees Celsius now in my home.
And Minimum temperature tomorrow morning is 6 degrees Celsius.

I dislike cold winter.
I like Thai hot temperature.
Besides, a Thailand woman is attractive.
Furthermore, there are many kind people in the Kingdom of Thailand.

By the way...
My Internet environment is always connected on a high-speed line by a broadband.
Therefore a chat of MSN is possible when I am in home.
A problem is only a language... (-_*)

I look forward to an email from you.
Please send an email to me again.

See you again!


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