何と無く生活している中でも、新しい発見が有る。 日本に有る美しい四季の移り変わり.... 海外で発見した新鮮な出来事や、体験した事。 何気無い出来事だけど、自分の思い出として残して行く。

My daughter.

*I have a son and a daughter.
 A son and a grandchild returned to my home on a holiday of the summer.
 For us, the first grandchild is very pretty.
 The grandchild got possible to do a defection with a boy of four months after life recently.

*The daughter does the trainer of the dolphin in an aquarium of Nagoya City.
 However, because many people come to an aquarium in a Japanese summer vacation, a daughter cannot take a holiday.

*I think that it is important that a daughter spends with health.
 In addition, I hope that many people enjoy the show of a pleasant dolphin.


Japan is a season of the summer that is really hot in one year now.

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