何と無く生活している中でも、新しい発見が有る。 日本に有る美しい四季の移り変わり.... 海外で発見した新鮮な出来事や、体験した事。 何気無い出来事だけど、自分の思い出として残して行く。

A friend will come tomorrow from Thailand.

*Japan is a season of Rain season now.
Rain fell in long time in this time, but it was Saturday of a blue sky today.

*A rain season of this year has few days when it rains.
However, there are many people who are troubled unless it rains.
1.Water is necessary for planted rice recently.
2.There is the area where water of a reservoir decreases,
  and a flood from water service is short.

*However, much rain will fall from now on because it began in a rain season.
Will a forthcoming friend bring rain as expected from Thailand?

*By the way....
The son married last year.  A family of a son lives happily in Yokohama.

Love Love!!

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